[ 📢 Save the Date : See you on 21 August 2021 ! 📢 ]

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Save the date of #MADTRI  7th edition : Saturday 21 August 2021, in Saint François Longchamp ski resort!
On the menu 🏊‍♀️🚲👟 :
- ❤️ Triathlon Distance M, with 2200m D+ on the Cycling route
- 💛 Triathlon Distance S, with1200m D+ on the Cycling route
- 👧 Kids Animathlon on friday evening
So, are you ready to take up the challenge of Triathlon de la Madeleine and his hard menu:
- 🚲 lacets de Montvernier
- 🚲 Col du Chaussy
- 🚲 terrrrrible Montgellfrey village climbing, seen on Le Tour de France in 2020
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[ ⏱ 2020 Results 🏆 ]

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Find out all Triathlon de la Madeleine 2020 results - 6th edition!
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[ 📢 S et M trials : Sold-Out! ⚠️ ]

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For the first time of our triathlon's history , both trials on Triathlon de la Madeleine // Édition 2020 are now Sold-out! (on individual competitions)
🤝 There are still some bibs available on the RELAY trials, on both distances S and M.
=> Go on Triathlon de la Madeleine // Édition 2020 Facebook page to build a team and find Teammates for the #Relays
#MADTRI #Triathlon #MySFL



[ 📯 MADTRI 2020 // 📜 Official Communication // Fares changement Dates postponed ]

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💬 Hello!
💬 Some of you ask us what will do concerning Triathlon de la Madeleine // Édition 2020 regarding the 2020 crisis
=> with not more than 600 bibs available, there will be a crowd of very less than 5000, which is the maximum allowed so far for any meeting until september
=> even if no-one can guarantee today if our 2020 edition will take place, we have make the choice so far to keep organizing our event - as our 17ème Cyclosportive de la Madeleine friends do
=> of course we keep an eye on the futur decisions taken by our government, and we are ready to cancel if those decisions or the sanitary conditions are not suitable to organize that 2020 edition
=> in case of cancellation, all triathletes registered will be refunded, exept 6€ each to cover a part of the fees already spent
=> being not sure so far that this edition will take place, we decided to postpone the 2 fare change dates:
- from 31/05 to 15/06
- from 15/07 to 31/07
=> Our race being scheduled by the end of the summer, just before the begining of the school period, it will not be postponed later in 2020
=> obviously we stay available to you to answer all you questions
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[ ⚡️ Our Mythic bike climbing: Montée de Montgellafrey 🚲 ]

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3rd episode of our serie on our 🚴‍♂️↗️ mythic climbings:
Unseen on any cycling our triathlon event, the terrrrrible climbing of Montgellafrey village should become famous next summer as Le Tour de France will take it on July 15th!

=> So join us on our Triathlon Distance M-2200 or Distance S-1200
🗓 Triathlon de la Madeleine // Édition 2020 on Sat 22/08 !
With Saint François Longchamp

#MADTRI #Triathlon #MySFL


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