You will be allowed to let your after race bag in the dedicated zone in the UPPER BIKES PARC in Transition Area T2, in Saint-François-Longchamp on the race day, on its openning hours (from 10h30 to 12h for M-2200 triathletes, or from 10h30 to 13h for S-1200 triathletes).
You will then be able to collect them at the same place after the race, until 20h30.

Recovery of your bike and cycling gears:
On the same way, you will be able to collect after the race your cycling gears left in the upper Bikes Park (T2) by the moment the last triathlete will have finish his cycling trial, (18h30 ish), until 20h30.
IMPORTANT : for obvious confusion and robbery reasons, it will be MENDATORY that you present your race number (bib) in order to collect your bike and your cycling gears in the upper Bikes Park after the race. The flet-pen tatoo on the arm is obviously not a sufficient proof of identification, and is not a garantee that you are the owner of the bike that is tagged with this number.




The Bike route is not a circle track, but has separate start and finish and presents 2 distinct Bikes Parks:

  • the LOWER Bikes Park in Saint-Rémy-de-Maurienne (T1), together with the lake and swimming trial
  • the UPPER Bikes Park in Saint-François-Longchamp (T2), together with the running trial

The organisation will give out to all triathletes a big 100L plastic bag (in your race number envelop) numbered with your Race Number. During the 1st transition (T1) after the Swimming, all the triathletes must:

  • Put all your swimming gears and before-race equipement in this numbered plastic bag
  • Close this bag with the 2 "ears" ropes (with sliding handles, like a trash bag)
  • Leave this bag at your place in the Lower Bikes Park T1

Then the organisation takes care of bringing all bags back to the finish line in Saint-François-Longchamp, but will ONLY carry swimming gears that will be packed this way. They will be available for collection after the race next to th UPPER Bikes Park T2 in Saint-François-Longchamp, close to the finish line.